The Brow Lab are renowned for their natural approach to cosmetic tattooing. From feathering and ombre brows, to lip restoration and lash enhancement tattoos, you can be sure you are in experienced and capable hands. 

MICROBLADING- 2.5hrs $750 

Microblading (also known as feather touch) is a process that involves a manual hand-tool with a cluster of fine pins, used to implant pigment into the skin to create semi-permanent, life-like hair strokes and natural-looking eyebrows.


Suitable for:

  • Clients who prefer a very natural, soft appearance

  • Fill in sparse areas

  • Add depth/colour

  • Create thickness

  • Symmetry correction

  • Camouflage Superficial scarring

  • Normal-dry skin (Very Oily skin types are better suited to a digital method)

OMBRE (or 'misting') BROW 2.5hrs $800 


This process involves a blend of 2 techniques- a digital method tattoo machine and a hand tool method to implant pigment into the skin.

This technique utilises a hair stroke method in the center of the eyebrows to create a “soft” center and then utilises a machine method on the mid-brow and tails to create the appearance of a softly powdered brow. Due to the digital shading method this technique initially looks bolder in colour and sharply defined while healing, however heals to a soft powdery finish.


Suitable for:

  • Cover up of previous tattooing that has faded.

  • Those who prefers a more defined look in comparison to microblading.

  • Oily skin types.

  • Camouflage deeper scarring.

  • Larger gaps in the brows


Ombre (or 'misting') is a softer sister of the old "powdered method", However don't be fooled! This technique does not create a 'blocky brow". Instead, it involves soft layering of colour using an ultra fine needle. When healed it creates a soft shadow of colour, alike to a tint stain. Whether you prefer a soft wash of colour for a super natural appearance (even the lightest of blonds will love this method!), or if you prefer something with a bit more definition, this technique can be completely tailored to your needs. Aside from the aesthetic, this technique is very gentle on the skin, causing the least amount of trauma of all the cosmetic tattoo techniques. Two sessions are utilised to build colour intensity, and many find the healed result can last longer than microblading, requiring less maintenance depending on the skin type.


Suitable for:

  • Cover up of previous tattooing that has faded.

  • Those who like a 'tint stain' effect

  • Those with skin that didn't take well to microblading methods

  • Oily skin types

  • Thin/mature skin

  • Camouflage deeper scarring

  • Larger gaps in the brows