Natural brow shaping is an art on its own, that's why we take the time to meticulously design and shape the brows to suit your goals, face shape and hair colouring. Many clients seek our help after shaping mishaps elsewhere. We can confidently devise a treatment plan to get your brows back on track, not only through in house treatments, but also lifestyle advise and techniques for you to carry on at home.

BROW SCULPT- $35 | $50 with a tint or hybrid brow dye

An initial brow sculpt treatment involves measuring and mapping out the bow design, an eyebrow wax, tint, trim and tweeze to specifically suit your needs and aims to create groomed and fuller looking brows. During this service ‘brow correction’ and styling advice will be given to create your ideal brow shape. We also spend some time teaching you how to apply eyebrow products to achieve the look you are after.

BROW HENNA- $70 with a sculpt

Brow Henna is an organic plant based colour that contains no chemicals. This is used to tint the hair and 'stain' the skin to provide a brow design that lasts. The product penetrates the hair shaft deeper than regular tinting providing longer lasting results, ideal for grey coverage. Your treatment will involve meticulously measuring and designing the brow, henna application and brow wax/tint. Henna can be bolder for the first 48 hours depending on the colour used, and required keeping the design dry for the first 24hours. For blondes who have not tried any tinting before to book a traditional brow sculpt and tint before progressing to henna.


We recommend approximately 3-6 brow shaping sessions to get your brows on the right path.

After your initial treatment, maintenance treatments are recommended every 4-6 weeks, depending on your natural hair growth.


If you have thin eyebrows that you are wanting to grow out, we recommend up to 6 months of "Brow Rehab". During this period Brow Shaping treatments are optional and can be performed by leaving the hairs closest to the brow line. over time the brow hair will have time to grow and thicken before shaping. It is important to remember that your eyebrows may not be perfect to begin, 


After ‘Brow Rehab’, you may still lack hair growth usually due to years of over waxing and plucking which can cause permanent damage to the hair follicle. Under these circumstances we may recommend cosmetic Brow Tattoo to achieve the desired look.