• Prin Flow State Lymphatic Therapy Mask

    For plump, glowing skin look no further than this ultimate home treatment, to get the skin funtioning at optimum level.

    (Suits all skin types including (Especially!) inflammed acne/sensitive/reactive skin.)


    1.  Australian Native Botanicals, namely the feature botanical, Davidson Plum -

    • Strengthens capillaries which helps to reduce dark circles, puffiness, provide nourishment to the skin
    • Anti-inflammatory and protects against oxidation damage 
    • Neutralises enzymes that destroy connective tissue

    By using the full plant profiles you get the benefits of multiple actives that work in synergy. We work with the upper limit of the active recommendation so your clients need to get ready to be bathed in the goodness. 

    2.The Physical Action - assisting the Circulatory system to function at its best - providing Lymphatic Drainage and supporting the Vascular Network to clear toxins from the skin and feed the skin inside out. 

    An inside/ outside treatment - BOOM


    Inlcuded 5x Applications, brush and cosmetic bag. 

    PRIN Flow State Mask