• This Acne Formula from Zilch is an all natural Chinese Medicine based formula, in herbal tablet form, designed by Dr. Vivian Tam. Zilch may assist in the management of mild to moderate acne. Ingredients in this formula have been traditionally used to clear toxicity and heat, reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation.

    The formula is made up of seventeen potent herbal ingredients that tackle a number of issues:

    - Reducing inflammation that causes redness and irritation
    - Clearing toxicity and heat in the body that can cause breakouts
    - Promoting better blood circulation to help reduce swelling and inflammation and provide healing of deep pimples*

    Zilch claims to have been successful in helping cystic acne, whiteheads, acne caused from coming off the pill, hormonal acne, adult acne on jawline, chin, cheeks and temples, stubborn acne that has not responded to other treatments.*

    The formula is produced by a highly reputable herbal medicine extracts manufacturer, one of the world's industry leaders, and the herbs used in Zilch are sourced in their raw form and go through a very stringent process of quality control. Excellent quality and good practice are paramount in the philosophy surrounding Zilch.*

    Its developer, Dr. Vivian Tam, is a registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine and a trusted industry expert in Chinese Medicine Dermatology and Cosmetic Acupuncture. After suffering adult acne problems herself and treating patients with similar issues, she researched and created the Zilch formula over a number of years and then went on to attain industry approval. After achieving a 90% success rate with her patients, tracked over this time, she decided to bring her effective solution to market so as to help those achieve their dream of healthy, clear skin.*

    Zilch Acne Formula is 100% natural, and is made up of over 17 Chinese Herbal ingredients. None of the ingredients are synthesised, they are pure extracts from the raw herb.

    According to Dr. Tam, reasons why it could not work for you:
    - Zilch may address inflammation and toxin build-up and encourage the breakdown of stagnation of blockages through promoting blood circulation, but users may have other patterns in the body that need addressing, e.g. gut health or severe hormonal imbalances.
    - External skin health - not using the right skin care, makeup, etc.
    - Dosage may not be correct - recommended daily dose is 4 tablets twice daily for more severe acne, 3 tablets twice daily for moderate and 2 tablets twice daily for milder acne.

    Individuals taking anticoagulants should seek medical advice before taking this product. Individuals at risk of bleeding problems should seek advice from their healthcare practitioner prior to taking this product. Do not use if pregnant or likely to become pregnant.

    Australian owned. Vegan. Gluten-free.

    Zilch Acne Formula

    • Zilch may assist with:

      • Deep under-the-skin, painful acne
      • Whiteheads (pimples that come to a head)
      • Acne resulting from coming off the pill
      • Hormonal acne
      • Adult acne on jawline, chin, cheeks and temples
      • Stubborn acne that has not responded to other treatments
      • Body acne (chest, back, shoulders, buttocks)
      • Closed comedones (clogged skin)