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I started working in the beauty industry when I was 17 years old, studying a Diploma of Beauty Therapy at Elly Lukas while working at a top spa in Daylesford. During my studies I found my passion for science. I received High distinctions all the way through which put me on the path to study a Bachelor of Health Science in Dermal Therapies at Victoria University, graduating as a fully qualified Dermal Clinician. While studying I was working and managing some of Melbourne's top skin clinics. I had a passion for knowledge and educating my clients to results. During my 5 years at university, I discovered cosmetic tattooing. After completing my Diploma of cosmetic tattoo (while studying full time AND managing a skin clinic full time), I used my one day off a week taking on cosmetic tattoo clients. This grew rapidly and before I knew it; I had outgrown the space and opened Luxe Beauty at only 22 years old. Something I noticed while completing my short tattoo course, was that there wasn't much focus on the skin or wound healing. A vital part of the cosmetic tattoo process. I found I was getting a lot of clients come to me for correctional work, where their previous tattooing had left scarring and un-even results.I found the lack of emphasis on the skin in most short tattoo courses, meant artists were often going too deep assuming this would be better for retention, or over working the skin. This is where the level of knowledge I gained from my degree comes into play. I believe focusing on skin integrity during treatment is number one for getting the best healed results. While educating my clients about the skin and wound healing processes ensures a safe and effective treatment. I believe that in a rapidly growing industry (where literally anyone can do a quick 3-day course and start tattooing peoples faces) its important that you as a client, thoroughly do your research and ensure your clinician is well educated and experienced. That being said, after 4 years of operating as Luxe Beauty, I decided to rebrand to 'The Brow Lab' focusing on what I love: brows, skin and science! 


  • Currently studying Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (3rd year)

  • Bachelor of Health Science in Dermal Therapies- Victoria University, with the chosen speciality of Post Operative micro-pigmentation

  • Advanced Diploma of Beauty Therapy-Elly Lukas 

  • Diploma of Cosmetic Tattoo- Melbourne College of Cosmetic Tattoo

  • ITEC- International Diploma of Beauty Specialists-Elly Lukas

  • CIDESCO- International Diploma of Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy. -Elly Lukas

  • Certificate in Advanced Eyebrow Techniques- MCCT

  • Certificate in Blood borne pathogens- MCCT

  • Certificate in natural pharmacology-DMK

  • Swiss color- Color X pigment removal- Holo Academy

  • Certificate III Hair and Beauty- Victorian University

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