Facial Treatment



Reveal a healthier, more radiant looking skin with a customised  medical-grade peel. Our range starts from very superficial,  through to medium-full depth peels, which can be used to treat a wide range of conditions from fine lines, enlarged pores, acne,

scarring and pigmentation, or simply to support skin maintenance. Each treatment includes a consultation, thorough cleanse, gentle AHA/BHA exfoliant, custom skin peel and soothing aftercare. Finish by sipping on IMBIBE beauty renewal elixir, to support internal skin health and nourish your guts micro-biome.


45 mins $99

Add on Hydro Jelly Mask $20

Add on LED Phototherapy $30

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Lymphatic Therapy is the ultimate skin workout! this treatment is designed to improve your skin functionality from inside out. The tightening lymphatic therapy mask works by applying transient pressure to the skin to create a clean environment

for cells to flourish in and feed the cells fresh oxygenated and nutrient rich blood. Therapy increases internal water levels, reduces inflammation/redness, improves healing, reduces fluid retention and gently exfoliates the of the skin. Ideal for treating all skin conditions, in particular sensitive/reactive skin, acne /inflamed acne and rosacea. Mild redness post treatment is expected and welcomed as your capillary networked is dilated, this subsides within minutes-a few hours depending on level of treatment performed.


Beginner- 75min $155 -For first time treatment, sensitive/reactive skin or preparation for advanced peels and collagen induction.

Advanced- 1.5hrs $175 -Includes more advanced protocols for skin revision.

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Skin can look dull or tired from the excess build-up of oil, debris and dead skin cells which are often trapped on fine facial hairs. If left untreated, this may also lead to blocked and enlarged pores. Derma-Planing is a non-

invasive procedure that utilises a specialised fine surgical blade, to abrade the upper layers of the skin, therefor; restoring a brighter, healthier and more radiant complexion.​ With no downtime this treatment is great pre-event for an ultra- smooth make up application!

45 mins $99

Add on Hydro Jelly Mask $20




Great for your first skin treatment, as a gift or for general skin maintenance. This treatment is fully customisable to treat all skin conditions. 

We begin with a consultation where we devise a treatment to suit your goals. From

there, we deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate to prepare the skin for more advanced revision, such as micro or hydro dermabrasion, enzyme exfoliants or clinical peels. We layer prescribed treatment masks, while you relax and unwind with a head, neck and shoulder massage. Finally, we de-puff with our signature lymphatic drainage method and infuse a blend of vitamin serums, oils and creams to balance and protect the skin.


60 mins $135

Add on Hydro Jelly mask $20

Add on LED phototherapy $30

Professional Facial


This minimally invasive treatment dramatically improves skin texture, softens wrinkles and smoothens scars. We sweep an electric device across the skin containing oscillating micro-needles, which gently pierce the skin to stimulate the

production of collagen and elastin. As the micro-needles pierce the skin and reach the platelets in your blood, growth factors are released that rejuvenate your skin and restore a more youthful appearance. This regenerative procedure stimulates the body’s natural wound healing response without scarring.

For best results we recommend a minimum 2x lymphatic therapy treatments to prepare the skin for optimum cell regeneration and wound response, along with internal collagen supplements (if possible) prior to commencement. For best results its recommended to have 3x sessions 6-8 weeks apart. Post treatment expect to see redness and some minor swelling in some for up to 48 hours, with very mild flaking 5 days after.

75 mins $400





Ready to get your skin in good health? Do you have a wedding or important event in the calendar? Then get ready to get you skin on track with SKIN BOOTCAMP by The Brow Lab! This is a customised program designed kick start your skin health, inside and out.

Perfect for:

-Wedding and event preparation

-Treating mild to severe acne conditions

-Strengthening weakened, sensitive, reactive skin

-Evening pigmentation/complexion

-Age management

-Managing Teen skin

-Those who have regular treatments already and want to save $$$


6x Advanced Lymphatic Treatments, each customised to your skin.

1x Hydro-Jelly mask add on

IMBIBE Beauty Renewal + IMBIBE Miracle Collagen

Optional $150 towards 1x session of Collagen Induction Therapy

$960 (Valued at $1500)


To take the guesswork out of choosing what treatment would best suit you, all of our treatments include an in-depth consultation. From there we fully customise a treatment plan to suit your goals. We believe the journey to healthy skin is is not just through topical treatment; it's through education. The skin is a window into our internal world, understanding the underlying causation and triggers of what we see on the surface, and how to manage those triggers will give you the confidence in looking after your skin long term. 


All skin treatments are performed by a senior Dermal Clinician who has obtained a bachelor degree in Health Science (Dermal Therapies).

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